What do you know about ''peka''?

Nowadays we eat many different meals whose ingredient quality and content is questionable and we spend less time with our family at the same table. There are many reasons to dedicate yourself to the selection of food and to really enjoy it. Don’t miss on tasting the local specialties that the owners recommend. One of the most famous local delicacy is definitely traditionally prepared ‘peka’.

Once upon a time hearthstones were the central point of every home, the places where long talks and hangs out were happening while preparing tasty meals. Now these gatherings don’t happen that often, but they are definitely not forgotten. ‘Peka’ has nurtured our many generations throughout history and for that has gotten its famous status in Dalmatian families. It is necessary to make reservation in advance, but your hosts will gladly book a table to some of the best restaurants in the area.

The secret to perfect meal preparation under ‘peka’ is in quality and fresh meat and live coals gained from the high calorific wood. The meat is roasting in its own juice with many vegetables. After you salt it and add different spices to it, you cover the meat with tin bell which is then covered with live coal from the up to the bottom. During the whole process of roasting, it is necessary to always keep track of adding new coal to the tin bell to maintain the same temperature throughout the whole process.

It is necessary to keep ‘peka’ from two to two and a half hours under the coal. It isnusually roast lamb, veal and octopus under the ‘peka’, but the most famous meal is domestic rooster under the ‘peka’! That juicy taste and aromatic smell of the meat will leave you speechless. Homemade traditional ‘peka’ with a glass of quality wine is an ideal chance for gathering and music. You’ll remember ‘peka’ for a long time.

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