Sauna is an oasis of peace
In addition to removing toxins from the body, after staying in the sauna, we feel calmer, have a more relaxed sleep and reduce body tension.
After recreation on the training devices we definitely suggest our guests to take a good sweat in our newly renovated sauna.

Spa corner in the heart of untouched nature

Staying at idyllic village surroundings in the heart of untouched nature implies complete relaxation of mind and body as well as renewing of life energy. 

Big cities and todays lifestyles mostly result in people being largely exposed to stress. Many studies have shown that mood and concentration are better after spending some time in nature.

Because of this, an increasing number of our guests coming from large urban areas are choosing to spend their precious vacation at Agrotourism Kalpić, away from everyday worries, glowing asphalt and stressful daily rhythm.

Take some time to heal your body, relax at infra red sauna or stay in good shape with training devices. In you wish to enjoy the sports in countryside cycling would be the best option.

With our Spa corner on our Agrotourism Kalpić, you will  have additional reasons for an unforgettable vacation in the heart of untouched nature.

Contact us with trust.

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U skladu s novonstalom situacijom, a vezano za pandemiju Covid-19 objekt će biti zatvoren za posjetitelje do 21.12.2020.  Veselimo se ponovnom susretu!