Homemade bread with wild yeast

How to make wild yeast from a scratch as we do it at Kalpic bed and breakfast?

While we wait the Corona pandemic situation ends so we can just return to our regular life, we could all use this period for some things we never had time before, think and act positive, no matter how hard it is sometimes.

As we always gladly share our recipes, It will be our pleasure to give you recipe for simple, basic, yet powerful and widely useful wild yeast that we use at b&b Agrotourism Kalpić

Ingredients you will need:




Time & Patience

Do you have everything? Let’s start with starter!


My first yeast adventure wasn’t successful so if you don’t do it first time properly, don’t give up easily. Result is fantastic, and you will be proud, it is not just a recipe, it is art, science and more

Day one – mix in glass jar 300gr of flour and 300gr water (not tap water)

Cover your jar and wait until next day on room temperature.

In meantime you can stir it with a spoon two or three times.

You may see no activity at all in the first 24 hours, or you may see a bit of growth or bubbling.

Day two – add same amount of flour and water, stir and wait again with same conditions.

On the second day you might see some bubbles, but no worries if not you will see them next day.

Day three –add same amount of ingredients

Day four –Discard half of the starter, feed it with same amount of flour and water. From discarded starter  you can make pizza bread or focaccia.

Day five –Yeas should be already very active but we will wait one more day.

Why? Because our yeast will be stronger, bread will be much tastier, Let the starter rest at room temperature for 12 to 16 hours; it should be active, with bubbles breaking the surface

Day six – Make your first bread

Basic bread with wild yeast stater

300 gr flour

200 gr water

4gr salt

100 gr of wild yeast

First of all  make a dough out of flour and water,  later add yeast and salt and mix it gently. Leave it on room temperature for 3 hours, than shape your bread and put it in proofing basket that is covered with  linen proofing cloth and bit of flour that bread doesn’t stick to a linen. Leave it inside your fridge over night.

In the morning bake it one the opposite side on 250 degrees  for 20-25 minutes depending on oven.  You can cut it and decorate it before baking with sharp knife of scissors. Just leave flour on top of it because it will look rustic!

If you gave up from this action you will have a bite at Agrotourism Kalpić, soon I hope!

Take care and stay strong, with love,

Kalpić family

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